Session 1:1

For adults and children

Would you like to?

Transmute your heaviness into lightness?

Reconnect your fragile parts and embrace your full power?

Get out of your fatigue and activate your vitality?

Explore and use your gifts (yes we all have them!)

Mariève offers sessions adapted to your specific needs,
at your own pace.

Her main objective? To give you access to your full power by sharing knowledge and tools channeled specificaly for you, that are easily adaptable to your everyday life, wherever you’re at.

She uses a combination of channeling, coaching, emotional release through the Emotion code and visualization to remove everything that is preventing you from your full power and from igniting your magic. You’ll leave with a strong foundation on which you can build a life aligned with your essence, your desires and needs. A life where you can fully be your authentic self.

For you and/or your child if :

You feel :

  • A strong desire to connect with your gifts
  • A disconnection from your body and your emotions
  • A feeling of emptiness
  • Hyperactivity and mental overload
  • Disharmony in your family dynamic
  • An accumulation of anger, sadness, shame, guilt, depression, anxiety and so on.

You have :

  • Very little energy
  • The feeling that you have to fight to be happy
  • Difficulty feeling and communicating your emotions
  • Physical aches and pains (sore knees, back, neck, etc.)
  • Fears that hold you back
  • Difficulty asserting yourself
  • Difficulty in making clear, aligned decisions
  • Sleep-related problems

Two ways to meet:

Individual Session

Mariève will connect with you and will be guided by your soul to facilitate your next step, that could be to feel lighter, to liberate your emotional bagage, to regulate your nervous system, to ignite your gifts, to regain your energy, etc. 

1 session of 90 mins | Value of $244

RESET bundle

Includes 3 sessions of 90 mins, the bundle of 11 visualizations to free you from ALL your accumulated emotions and a 1 month access to the Magic Incubator.

Each session is unique, since it’s your soul that guides us.

Here are a few possibilities: cleaning your ancestral and past-life ties, making sure you have no entities/parasites/energy wounds that are preventing you from being in your full power and really tapping into joy and serenity.

Also, you’ll be able to free yourself from ALL your accumulated emotions (the average adult has 250-300!) with the 11 visualizations bundle and access more than videos to lighten your shadow and ignite your magic.

Value of $853 | Offered exclusively at $569, for a limited time

*Payment can be made in 2 monthly instalments

You can get rid of them once and for all!

You and/or your child can :

✔ Become one with your divine essence

✔ Improve harmony in your relationships

✔ Feel amazing in your body

✔ Get out of fatigue and boost your energy level

✔ Activate your inner fire to maximize your vitality and creativity

What they think…

Confront your fears gently and confidently. It’s as if she could see into our souls and communicate our needs. His positivism is motivating and opens doors we thought were closed.

Mya Burn

The best way to describe Mariève is to compare her to a luminous energy from which positive waves emanate. I highly recommend going to see it. Thanks for everything!

Justine Ejeil

Marieve is positive and bright. She takes the time to guide us towards our own light. A great gift for yourself 😊

Christine Boisclair

Answers to your questions

How does a session work?

With your permission, Mariève will connect to you and gain access not only to essential information about your physical body, but also to your soul and to parts of you that are probably unknown to you. This is what makes her the ideal person to work with children who don’t have the vocabulary or level of awareness to name their feelings, their discomfort and the emotions stuck inside them.

It can be scary. And you can be sure that everything that will be cleaned, modified or ignited, you are ready for it. You can chose to let your fear lead your life and your decisions. Or you can chose to take back the wheel and sit your fears in the passenger seat. 

From what age can children have a consultation?

Mariève has accompanied many children from 0 to 16 years of age towards a more fulfilled life. With the parent’s permission, she connects with the child, feels what he’s feeling and is able to put words to his real situation and provide the necessary support. The parental bond is also worked on to make it as gentle as possible.

She has helped children with eczema, night terrors, asthma attacks, negative relationships with men, tantrums, difficulty socializing, etc.

How much does a session cost?

An individual session is $333 for 90 minutes.

The RESET bundle is $777, including 3 x 90-minute sessions, the bundle of 11 visualizations 1 month access to The magic incubator ($1165 value). For a limited time.