Fire up your


Nice to meet you, my name is


Excited to accompany you to :

release your heaviness to build physical, mental and emotional lightness.

deploy, reveal and manifest your magic

connect with your full power, be aligned with your essence



so that you can vibrate your true nature, feel the sacred fire in the pit of your stomach and live fully without fears or limitations.

Today is the first day
of the rest of your life.

What do you want to do with it? There’s never a good time to unleash your shadow. The one that carries everything you chose to hide, for fear of not being loved, rejected or abandoned.

Don’t worry, I’ve been there and would be honored to accompany you to release it with ease.

Do you hear the call?

Now is the time that you can choose to reclaim your full power in a daily life that ressembles you so that you can feel truly fulfilled, in harmony with yourself and your environment and increase your vitality for good.

I’m a certified coach from Concordia University (PCC) with Emotion Code certification (CECP) and over 3 active years with hundreds of satisfied clients, I offer you a safe space to unload and release everything that blocks the exploration of your full potential.


for your evolution

Coaching 1:1

To transform yourself at high speed by allowing Mariève to connect with you and support you towards the most powerful version of yourself.


To access teaching that will enable you to fully reclaim your power and finally make that gray cloud that follows you disappear.


To offer a breath of fresh air and hope to your team, Mariève will share her story that will take you towards a reclaiming of your power and towards a life where everything is possible.

As seen…

Beyond fatality…

One day, life sent me a truck is the story of a slow reconstruction from pieces glued back together one by one with a lot of patience and gold dust.

It’s also the story of a woman’s transformation into a stronger version of herself, a rediscovery of the “senses” and oneself, a reconquest of true happiness and of life, simply…