About me

Mariève Lemay: Certified coach, author
and international speaker

With a coaching certification from Concordia University (PCC), an Emotion Code certification (CECP) and over 3 years as a transformational activator with hundreds of satisfied clients, Mariève offers you a safe space to let go and release whatever is blocking the exploration of your full potential.

What she offers

  • Become the master your life
  • Connect with your inner self
  • Harmonize your relationships
  • Open and connect to your heart
  • Getting to know the real you
  • Understand and use your emotions

 Mariève supports individuals who wish to quicky access their full power and a light and more harmonious state sheltered from external events, by combining coaching, channeling, energy healing and the Emotion Code technique.

Through exercises and practical tools to help you better understand yourself, unleash your magic, connect with your inner child, better useyour emotions, overcome your fears and limiting beliefs, gain mental clarity and facilitate decision-making, she will guide you on your new path.

Choosing to fully live in our essence (rather than just surviving) takes courage, because for many of us, it’s an unknown or forgotten path. Some may be afraid of wasting their time or that it won’t work. Others may postpone the moment when they have to confront certain gray areas and expand their comfort zone. This is why being in a safe space, accompanied by a trusted person, makes all the difference.

Author of the book

One day life sent me a truck

Beyond fate, the book
Un jour, la vie m’a envoyé un camion
is the story of Mariève Lemay, who experienced an accident an accident where she shattered into a thousands pieces in the middle of the road, 13,161 kilometers away from home.

It’s the story of a woman’s transformation into a stronger version of herself, a rediscovery of meaning and self, a reclaiming of true happiness and life, simply put.

This book is now available for sale in most bookstores in Quebec and France. Only available in french for now.

Do you have a deep desire to:

  • Reach your full potential
  • Clarify your mind
  • Make your decisions process easier
  • Feel inner peace
  • Lighten your daily routine
  • Take back your power
  • Harmonize your head with your heart

Here’s how we can work together:

 1:1 Session

To transform yourself quickly and with ease by allowing Mariève to connect with you and be fully supported towards the most powerful version of yourself.


To gain access to the teachings that will enable you to take back your full power and transmute your heaviness into lightness so you can discover your authentic trueself.


To bring a breath of fresh air and hope to your team, Mariève will share her story with you, taking you back to your full power and a life where everything is possible.

Any questions? Contact me!