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One day, life sent me a truck

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About the book

Mariève is a young woman like any other: she has a job she loves, a progressing career as a painter, an apartment, a dog, friends who love her. Dreams, expectations. A bit of a “witch”, she perceives or feels what is going to happen before it happens.

And there is this dizzying void inside of her that sometimes surprises her, often erased by the presence of others or preformatted activities: drunken evenings enhanced with other substances, flings without a futur… The life of a single woman of her time, in short. Until that ink-black night, the first of the year, when she will shatter into a thousand pieces in the middle of the road, 13,161 kilometres from home.

Beyond fate, One day, life sent me a truck is the story of a slow reconstruction from pieces glued back together one by one with a lot of patience and gold dust. It is also the story of a woman’s transformation into a stronger version of herself, a rediscovery of the “senses” and of the self, of a reconquest of true happiness and life, simply.

Thank you for this book. I also had an accident. I needed to hear this message and know that there can be an after.


Reading her story opened my eyes to my own life, to the choices we have to make and the importance of listening to our body, our intuition and our heart. I know that I will be able to turn to this book whenever I need motivation when I get lost and take an example from her, from her courage and from her strength to get up.

Lily Lussier

I admit I experienced a lot of emotions reading this book and had a lump in my stomach. A great literary discovery! CIt was a reading filled with life lessons. There are passages that moved me, others that frustrated me. I was able to identify myself in some of your words, thank you!


There will always be trucks that will turn our lives upside down.

I wrote this book to remind you that there is always hope and that we all have the opportunity and power to choose how we respond to adversity.

Maybe it will take the form of cancer, the loss of a loved one, illness, or depression. You have everything within you to use this obstacle to elevate yourself rather than let it crush you.

Mariève Lemay

Author, speaker and international coach