A program of 12 modules
that will help you…

Release everything that weighs you down to access your true essence and lightnessin in order to create a fullfilling and simple life with what truly resonates.

Is this training right for you?

Let’s make sure it’s a good FIT!

✔ You are at a turning point in your life where you feel trapped with a constant gray cloud following you

✔ You feel like you’re going in circles

✔ You don’t want to go back to your old path and you don’t know where to start moving forward

✔ You want to make significant changes in your life and you’re ready to commit to yourself

It’s difficult for you to feel happy se

✔ You desire to shine your true nature

✔ You often experience anxiety

✔ You easily fall into a depressive state

✔ It’s difficult for you to feel motivated

✔ You feel like you have to wear a mask to be loved.

✔ You want to give meaning to your life

✔ You have suffered enough and finally want to access a rocking life

You cannot commit to at least 30 min per day and be present for the majority of the weekly live sessions. Book your connection call under the 1:1 coaching tab.

✘ You hesitate to navigate uncomfortable areas and gather all your courage to dive headfirst into your entire being

✘ You don’t believe it’s possible to overcome this

✘ You prefer to be alone to go through this process

Discover what the 12 modules have to offer you!

Module 1: Reclaim your full power

Raise your standards, connect to the best version of yourself and take full responsibility for your life.

Module 2: Reconnect your fragile parts to access your full power

Face your situation as it truly is in the present moment. Reconnect with your body and fully inhabit.

Module 3: Soothe and understand your nervous system

Return to parasympathetic mode. Learn to regulate yourself on a daily basis. Be less reactive to disruptions and feel in control.

Module 4: Demystify your limiting beliefs

Illuminate and reprogram the beliefs that shape your actions and emotions.

Module 5: Transform your perception of emotions

Theory on the role of emotions and feelings. Know your emotional redflags. Defuse your limiting emotional beliefs.

Module 6: Transmute heavy emotions into vital energy

Speak the language of anger, sadness, fear, joy, shame and guilt. Let’s release all the emotions you’ve accumulated since birth together, with gentleness.

And then…

Module 7: Speak the language of your emotions and honor your needs

Explore feelings and understanding the needs associated with them. Practice conscious communication to harmonize your relationships.

Module 8: Release all the emotional bagage you have been carying since you are born

Release emotional baggage through various exercises that will allow you to practice emotional regulation on a daily basis. Let’s make room for the beautiful!

Module 9: Reconnect with all your parts from shadow to light

Embark on a journey to discover everything you are viscerally. The beautiful, the ugly and the very ugly.

Module 10: Release the heaviness to build lightness

Become aware and gently let go of the parts of yourself that no longer serve you.

Module 11: Demystify your batteries and limits and access a rocking life for good

Navigate through your 4 main batteries. Learn how to fill them up healthily. Honor your “no” and your limits.

Module 12: Ignite your new path and multiply all the new possibilities

Find new passions, hobbies and relationships that align with your limits and the person you are today.

The modules can be completed at your own pace. It is even recommended that you do the program more than once to fully anchor all the material.

From the moment you join, you will have access to tools, teaching and the support of a community to propel your essence and vitality towards real, lasting changes.

Why sign up for the program?

Rest Nest is a unique program for anyone who feels the call to make major changes in their life. Weekly meetings ensure a constant progress and increase the motivation to commit to oneself. The support of all group members brings a feeling of elevation and security, allowing them to evolve in a completely vulnerable and open space.

Marieve simplyfies concepts so that all notions are easily assimilated and offers numerous exercises every week to integrate the teachings and ensure lasting results. Let’s do this!

Hi, I’m Mariève!

This program was created to help anyone who ardently desires to change their life. Whether it’s because you’ve had an accident, an illness, lost a job or a loved one, are a new parent, are burned out, went threw a divorce or simply because you’ve reached a point of no return and your only option is to move forward on a new path, realizing that the life you’re leading no longer suits you.

Know that I too have been there and that it took a truck hitting me has I crossed a street in Thailand, leaving me with 10 fractures, 8 operations and 7 years of rehabilitation.

Rest Nest is a combination of all the tools and teachings

that have worked for me and hundreds of my clients

so that you can access a lighter life as quickly as possible and leave behind what no longer serves you once and for all.

I will guide you through in this program that will help ignite your authenticity so you can live a life that is aligne anf full of meaning.

Author of the book “La vie m’a envoyé un camion” (Life sent me a truck) and an international speaker, I share my baggage and knowledge as a certified coach so that you too can live rather than survive and easily feel serenity and joy.

Rest nest is for me a vector of transmission, support and elevation accessible to those who wish to to start a new path. It’s an invitation to activate your authenticity and free yourself from everything that pulls you down to create space for what really tastes good.

What you can expect in terms of


after this program

  • Feeling fulfilled regardless of external factors
  • Reclaim your full power / Be the master of your life
  • Feeling of harmony and inner peace
  • Facilitate your interpersonal relationships
  • Amplify your emotional intelligence
  • Increase your self-esteem, confidence and self-love
  • Natural state of feeling joyful, nourished, serene and alive.

I want this transformative program to be accessible to everyone,
regardless of your salary and the initial value you give it.

In the past, I myself did not participate in programs that were very expensive, either because I couldn’t afford them or because it was impossible for me to know the real value without having experienced them, which created a barrier for me. My greatest desire is for it to be accessible to as many people as possible.

The training is worth +$3500! I offer it to you for $2,222 (possibility of 6 payments of $222).
You’ll have the opportunity to offer an additional amount at the end of the program based based on the value you assign to the content and your transformation according to your budget. Your additional contribution will be directly give to the Angel Fund.

Do you want to continue your journey after 12 months?

A monthly subscription of $22/month is available to keep your access to online content and weekly live!

When your year with us comes to an end, know that it will be possible for you to can keep all the benefits of the basic packageand continue your evolution thanks to new capsules that will be added monthly and will allow you to deepen each module!

The Angel Fund

At the end of this journey, you’ll have the opportunity to offer an additional amount commensurate with your experience.

100% of the contributions will be donated to the Angel Fund, which will be set up very soon, in order to offer the training for free or at a low cost tothose in need.

For example, if at the end of the program you consider it to be worth $3,500, but your budget only allows you to offer an additional $500, the entire $500 will go to the Angel Fund.

If you consider it to have a value of $3500 and your budget doesn’t allow you to offer more, then you don’t have to give more money .


How long does the program last?

The program is divided into 12 modules, and each person can follow it at their own pace. The maximum duration is 1 year. To keep access to all the modules and group coaching, a monthly subscription of $22/month will be available to you so that you can continue to fuel your transformation.

How many hours do I need to invest per week?

An average of 30 minutes a day is recommended to practice the exercises, plus 60 minutes every Tuesday from 8 to 9 p.m. for the weekly live session.


When can I start the program?

You can start whenever you want! All the material is already online, ready for you.