Ignite your emotions

Ignite Your Emotions is a 2-hour workshop offered by Mariève Lemay to help you transcend your anger.

Do you want to transmute your heavy emotions into life energy instantly?
To demystify the source of your emotions in order to lighten your mind easily?

Know that the first step to using your anger healthily is to release the buildup within yourself. Learning to regulate your anger and use it to honor your boundaries and your “no” will now be possible.

What is your relationship with Wrath?

For my part, I refrained from expressing it for a long time, thinking that I would look crazy, losing control or even aggressive.

If you’re like me, the result is that we have a ton of anger built up inside of us, which causes us to often be overreacting, implode and/or explode (often towards the wrong people).

Does it resonate?

This workshop is for you if you want to:

✧ Lighten your life by developing your emotional intelligence

✧ Free yourself from your emotions in a healthy way

✧ Improve harmony in your relationships

✧ Feel better about your body

✧ Get out of fatigue to increase your energy level

✧ Activate your inner fire to maximize your vitality and creativity

What you will experience during this workshop:

✧ Teaching to better understand each emotion and their meaning

✧ Cleansing emotions through singing and crystal bowls

✧ Regulation of the nervous system

✧ The support of a group to experience everything with sweetness

✧ Significant release of the 5 common emotions: Fear, shame, sadness, anger and guilt

Thanks to Mariève, I was able to let go of my anger and learn to say no and express what I want. I screamed at the top of my lungs for the first time and felt liberated!


Thank you Mariève, to this day, this is the greatest emotional release I have experienced EVER! You have the voice of an angel. I feel so much gratitude for you, thank you!


I am a psychosomatic therapist specializing in emotional release through the body. I wanted to thank you for this wonderful workshop. Your story touched me a lot, thank you, it was absolutely magical!


This workshop was offered in front of hundreds of participants who came out transformed, lighter and better equipped to use their anger in the future.

Places where Mariève offered the Workshop:

Horus Festival 2022 in Quebec, Canada 2022 | Totality Festival 2022 – California, USA | Envision Festival 2023 in Uvita, Costa Rica – Reporting | High Vibe Fest Festival 2023 in California, USA | Love N Light Festival 2023 – Dates – Dates – Reference |Anhata Festival 2023 in Quebec City, Canada 2023

Would you like to live this experience in a private group? Write to me!

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